3 Amazing Conferences You Wish You Could Go To

Originally posted at the Likeable Media Blog.

When you work in marketing, it’s essential to stay on top of current trends and always keep an eye to the future. One of the most fulfilling and enriching ways to stay ahead of the pack is by attending conferences. They give you an opportunity to meet with like-minded thinkers, hear new perspectives on familiar issues, and engage in conversation with industry thought leaders. While world-famous conferences like SxSW and TED get bigger each year, small conferences are also thriving. Let’s take a look at three conferences that can really deliver value, even if you haven’t heard of them!

5 Social Media Lessons from Steve Jobs

Originally posted at the Likeable Media Blog.

With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, there have been countless articles and interviews calling him everything from genius to tyrant. Having just read appropriately-titled Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, I was struck by what a polarizing figure he really was. Two things most people can agree on are that he revolutionized technology over the last 35 years in ways that few have ever done, and that he knew how to run a successful business. But can his business philosophy be applied to the way brands manage their social media presences? I think for many businesses, the answer is yes! Let’s take a walk through some of Steve Jobs’s core principles and see how they apply to the social realm.