3 Ways You Should Be Using Influencers, But Probably Aren’t

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In recent years, the emphasis in social and digital marketing has been on paid media. By and large, brands are concerned with determining the budgets necessary to meet their goals and hit their KPIs. In 2013, I predict that we’ll see a shift toward earned media as the more likeable brands continue to look for meaningful and genuine ways to connect with consumers. We saw the beginnings of it in 2011 and 2012 with the rise of Klout, and trends indicate that influencers will be more important than ever in 2013. But are you doing everything you can to leverage the opportunities presented to you by influencers? Let’s take a look and see, shall we?

Why Entertainment Loves Social Media

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Many in the entertainment industry fear the Internet because they don’t understand it. In 2011, those who backed SOPA made it clear that they would rather alienate an entire segment of their target audience and accuse them of criminal activity instead of harnessing their passion and turning them into brand ambassadors. But almost from the start, entertainers, studios, and networks that are active on social media and engage with their audiences have seen great success as a result. The numbers don’t lie. Social is becoming more and more a part of the entertainment experience, and those who jump aboard the social media train now will reap the rewards!

Facebook Offers in 7 Steps or Less

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Months after its initial announcement, Facebook has finally made Offers available to most brand Pages! Social media marketers all over have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on this exciting new feature. How exactly does it work? It can seem a bit complicated at first glance. What goes into setting it up? What does it cost? Let’s take a step-by-step look and see for ourselves!

3 Myths About Facebook Promoted Posts

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Ever since Facebook introduced their Promoted Posts feature, all sorts of fear, uncertainty, and doubt have spread among small business owners, independent artists, and others who rely on their Facebook pages for effective marketing on a budget. Well, I’m here to tell you that much of what you’ve heard simply isn’t true! Let’s take a look at these misconceptions and separate fact from fiction.

What’s Missing From Your Content Strategy?

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Content. Anybody who’s anybody in social media and marketing is talking about the importance of quality content these days. “Content is king,” they say. I was lucky enough to attend the WOMM-U conference earlier this month, where content strategy was an event at the center of a keynote by Brain Traffic CEOKristina Halvorson.  And yet, with so many marketing professionals paying lip service to King Content, so many brands are completely missing the boat when it comes to a fully integrated and functional content strategy. There are four basic elements, and if any one of them is missing, your content strategy won’t be all that it can be. Does your organization have all the pieces in place?

3 Amazing Conferences You Wish You Could Go To

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When you work in marketing, it’s essential to stay on top of current trends and always keep an eye to the future. One of the most fulfilling and enriching ways to stay ahead of the pack is by attending conferences. They give you an opportunity to meet with like-minded thinkers, hear new perspectives on familiar issues, and engage in conversation with industry thought leaders. While world-famous conferences like SxSW and TED get bigger each year, small conferences are also thriving. Let’s take a look at three conferences that can really deliver value, even if you haven’t heard of them!