The Marketers Next Door 005: The Vine Void

This week on The Marketers Next Door, it's Halloween! We're talking about the ghost of Vine. Marissa and Frank chat about what they did right, what they did wrong, and what happens next.

Twitter is Shutting Down Vine

This is a huge shift. And potentially a sign of re-shuffled priorities at Twitter. Earlier this week, despite a positive earnings report, they also announced a layoff of 9% of their staff. Their rumored struggle to sell company is most definitely a motivating factor here. Maybe they'll be investing more in live video via Periscope and their partnerships with organizations like the NFL? We'll see soon.

Expect to hear more about this on an upcoming episode of The Marketers Next Door.

Today, we are sharing the news that in the coming months we’ll be discontinuing the mobile app. Nothing is happening to the apps, website or your Vines today. You will be notified before we make any changes to the app or website.
— Team Vine & Twitter via Medium

Facebook Advertising Advice: 10 Tips From Experts


Big thanks to Sophia Bernazzani at Hubspot for quoting me today in her blog post on Facebook ads. It's an honor to be referenced alongside so many smart people! 

We decided to consult with a variety of successful social media marketers to learn more about their strategies for Facebook Ad targeting. Whether you’ve been advertising on Facebook for years or are just starting out, check out these lessons from the pros to maximize your social media advertising ROI.
— Sophia Bernazzani, Hubspot Marketing Blog

Twitter’s Debate Streaming Audience Grew as TV Slumped

An interested and surprising development. Twitter's investment in streaming live events looks like it may already be picking up steam.

Twitter streamed Bloomberg Politics’ debate coverage on its platform Sunday night, reaching 3.2 million unique viewers, an increase of 30% over the first presidential debate in September, which reached 2.5 million unique viewers.... The television audience fell for the second presidential debate to 66.5 million viewers, down from 84 million for the first debate.

Twitter Moments - Because "Stories" Was Already Taken

Stories for everybody! Twitter is opening their Moments feature to the public, because Instagram Stories happened and now it's time to respond. The existing Moments tab will likely stay the same, but Moments created by individuals will be similar to moments currently created by brands and influencers. They will be accessible via a button on the user's profile that will take you to their Moments.

This strikes me as something they should have rolled out publicly from the beginning, but the Instagram launch may have accelerated their timeline.

Snapchat primed us for Stories, and Instagram (which has already copied Moments, mind you) polished the feature off. Moments is likely the best of the three, but who wants to wait for it?
— Nate Swanner, The Next Web

"Instagram Stories" Puts Snapchat on Notice

Facebook has always shown signs of envy when it comes to its competitors. First hashtags and trending topics came. Then the ill-fated Poke app. Now, "Instagram Stories" are clearly inspired by Snapchat Stories (you couldn't even come up with a name other than Stories, guys?) and they sport the same features: 24-hour shelf life, doodles, text, and emojis. No word yet on filters or lenses, but it seems like it would be a huge miss to skip out on them. I imagine they will be introduced if this takes off.

I'll still be trying it out, though I am a bit skeptical that it will overtake Snapchat right away.

UPDATE: It looks like Facebook has been toying with this for a while. Just a few weeks ago a similar feature called "Quick Updates" was being tested with select users in the Facebook app itself. Today it launches in the Instagram app. Instagram seems like a more fitting home for this functionality, so I think this was a smart change on their part.