📸 The Photo That Perfectly Captures Boston's Italian North End

I love my neighborhood. I've been trying to take a shot like this one for two years, but haven't been able to pull it off. Just beautiful.

Photo Credit: Joann Vitali

North Square - North End - Boston | JoannVitali

How to Be Instagram

riginally posted at All Things WOM.

What makes Instagram so special? Lately, it seems that every social network wants to be them. Ever since Facebook purchased the photo-based network in April 2012, interest in mobile social photo sharing has never been higher. Last month, both Twitter and Flickr announced new mobile apps, coincidentally both offering filter functionality very similar to that of Instagram.

Is @Instagram Good For Photography?

Is @Instagram Good For Photography?

I've always been fascinated by photography. When I was younger, my dad would show me the photos he took when he traveled across Europe as a bachelor. I always admired his natural talent for framing and capturing the best shots. Growing up, I always respected good photography and tried to emulate it, albeit without much success. I always owned some kind of camera and would go through phases when all I wanted to do was take pictures. In the last few years, as digital photography has really come into its own, I've gotten to know some pretty amazing photographers, both professional and amateur. And now that everyone carries a camera in the form of a cell phone, we're all photographers. But is this democratization of the artform necessarily a good thing?