Keeping New Year's Non-Resolutions

This past January, as in previous years, I set a few goals for myself. In the past, I was never good about keeping New Year's Resolutions, so this year I just thought of them as goals. And I think that's why I actually achieved them this year. So here's to continuing that into 2017.

3. Start a new podcast

Admittedly, The Marketers Next Door Podcast was mostly my wife Marissa's idea. She had been wanting to try something new, and she saw how much I enjoyed podcasting. I was looking to devote some energy to a new podcasting project. We had toyed with the idea of starting a podcast together, and our mutual interest in social media seemed like a natural entry point. And that's how the show was born. The format is different than any show I've ever done, and I'm really loving sharing a hobby with Marissa. Looking forward to continuing this into 2017 and beyond.

2. Catch up on comics

In 2015, I doubled down on getting back into podcasting by starting Supergirl TV Talk with my friend Tim. At the start of 2016, I was missing another old hobby: reading comic books. Not just the old books in my collection, but also keeping up with ongoing series. I had just about given up on DC Comics, but I was into indie books like The Walking Dead, InvincibleInvader Zim, Giant Days, and of course Mark Waid's amazing Archie reboot. These plus a few choice recommendations of classic Marvel stories got me off to a respectable start early in the year, but then DC came back into the picture over the summer with DC Rebirth, and everything clicked right back into place. I've been reading a bunch of DC titles since May and I haven't looked back. The ritual and the joy of reading new stories featuring some of my favorite characters week to week and month to month has been refreshing. 

1. Bring back the blog

This was the most audacious goal for 2016. Finding time to collect my thoughts and write long-form pieces is more difficult than ever these days. I really did want to find a way to return to blogging in some capacity. Looking to some of my favorite tech blogs like Six Colors, Daring Fireball, and 512 Pixels, I realized link blogging was a totally acceptable form of expression. I do often find myself wanting to offer an opinion on new tech developments on Twitter, but sometimes those thoughts are a little longer than 140 characters. I decided that by adopting the link blog format, I could update on a regular basis without biting off more than I could chew, while occasionally writing longer posts when I had the time and willpower. I'm really proud of how often I posted to the blog in 2016. I hope to write more long-form pieces heading into 2017. Ideally, one longer piece every other month on average would make me happy. I'll starting looking for opportunities to do that. In the meantime, here are some of the longer, non-link-based pieces that made me particularly proud in 2016.


5 Ways You Should Be Using Twitter, But Probably Aren't

Originally posted at the Likeable Media Blog.

I’ve been on Twitter for almost three years now. When I joined, I tweeted for a few weeks, but didn’t really see the point at first. I all but abandoned it for several months. But when I returned, I became a complete addict! I found a core group of interesting, engaging people to follow who shared a number of common interests with me. Once I began to attach personalities to those user names and avatars, I started to see the value that Twitter could have for me personally. And yet, people still ask me, “How do you tweet so much? Don’t you ever run out of things to talk about?!” It actually is a valid question: what exactly do we use Twitter for when we’re not just sharing the mundane details of our everyday lives? Let's take a look at some really fun and interesting uses for Twitter that you may not have thought of!

Guest Blogging!

Life has been busier than ever, but somehow I've managed to emerge from my cave and do a bit of guest blogging this week. I had forgotten just how much I love it and it was a refreshing change of pace from my recent activities.

First, I wrote up a piece for the Likeable Media blog. My post is a guide to avoiding annoying trends and events in your social media stream without having to give up your addiction all together. It was first inspired by my annoyance with Super Bowl tweets, but it really applies to any event that you don't want to have polluting your timeline. Please do me a huge favor and hit the "Tweet" button when you read it!

Next, I wrote a post for my good friends at Yesterday was the 47th anniversary of The Beatles' arrival in the US, so I contributed a piece that put into perspective the impact that their arrival had on music and on history in general. It's just a brief look into my feelings on the subject, but it's something I feel really passionate about, and I'm proud of how it turned out.

I'm going to try to use this unexpected burst of self-expression and turn it into something productive. I really miss blogging, but I'm so busy doing things these days, I rarely have the time to sit down and make a verbal record of them. Still, I really love the rewarding nature of blogging, and I miss writing for fun. I'm not going to be that guy who apologizes for not updating his blog often enough, promises to blog every day, and then disappears for another six months, but I am going to at least try and make a habit of  keeping this site at least somewhat up to date. I've felt uninspired for several months, but lately, some ideas have been brewing, and I'd love a chance to put them into words and get them out there. So here's to blogging!

Dragon*Con 2010 Day 4

Sunday! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Our heroes recap Saturday and look forward to their plans for Sunday as they wait in line for the last Firefly panel of the Con.

Shout out to our buddy Louis who was with us at the Con but didn't make an appearance on the podcast!

Dragon*Con Day 4

Dragon*Con 2010 Day 2

Our heroes are joined by Chris for the drive from North Carolina to Atlanta and arrive at the convention triumphantly! Surrounded by trumpets and cheerleaders! Or at least, that's how they'd like to remember it. Oh, and Morena Baccarin was there too. That part's true.

Dragon*Con Day 2