Facebook Advertising Advice: 10 Tips From Experts


Big thanks to Sophia Bernazzani at Hubspot for quoting me today in her blog post on Facebook ads. It's an honor to be referenced alongside so many smart people! 

We decided to consult with a variety of successful social media marketers to learn more about their strategies for Facebook Ad targeting. Whether you’ve been advertising on Facebook for years or are just starting out, check out these lessons from the pros to maximize your social media advertising ROI.
— Sophia Bernazzani, Hubspot Marketing Blog

"Instagram Stories" Puts Snapchat on Notice

Facebook has always shown signs of envy when it comes to its competitors. First hashtags and trending topics came. Then the ill-fated Poke app. Now, "Instagram Stories" are clearly inspired by Snapchat Stories (you couldn't even come up with a name other than Stories, guys?) and they sport the same features: 24-hour shelf life, doodles, text, and emojis. No word yet on filters or lenses, but it seems like it would be a huge miss to skip out on them. I imagine they will be introduced if this takes off.

I'll still be trying it out, though I am a bit skeptical that it will overtake Snapchat right away.

UPDATE: It looks like Facebook has been toying with this for a while. Just a few weeks ago a similar feature called "Quick Updates" was being tested with select users in the Facebook app itself. Today it launches in the Instagram app. Instagram seems like a more fitting home for this functionality, so I think this was a smart change on their part.

🔗 Can audio go viral on Facebook? | NiemanLab

As much as podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity, audio still has to fight an uphill battle against video content on Facebook.

Trust me, this is really, really great even though you don’t know who’s talking and there’s nothing to look at and I’m asking you to focus for 40 seconds!

Can audio go viral on Facebook? Here’s what happened when NPR ran an experiment for a month | NiemanLab

🔗 Facebook Has a Problem With Sharing | Inc

This is pretty timely for me, as I deleted th Facebook app from my phone earlier this week and I haven't missed it yet. I definitely haven't regularly updated my status in years, either. Most of what I see there are articles shared by my friends, plus the updates of the small group of my friends who use Facebook as though it were Twitter. If it weren't required for my job, I could probably stop using Facebook all together and I doubt I'd miss it. 

According to confidential data obtained by The Information, more than 60 percent of users share no personal content in a given week, while the remaining 39 percent share an average of five posts.

The Worst Thing That Could Happen to Facebook Is Already Happening | Inc

3 Myths About Facebook Promoted Posts

Originally posted at the Likeable Media Blog.

Ever since Facebook introduced their Promoted Posts feature, all sorts of fear, uncertainty, and doubt have spread among small business owners, independent artists, and others who rely on their Facebook pages for effective marketing on a budget. Well, I’m here to tell you that much of what you’ve heard simply isn’t true! Let’s take a look at these misconceptions and separate fact from fiction.

Living in @GaryVee’s Thank You Economy

Living in @GaryVee’s Thank You Economy

If you’ve ever tried to contact a brand or celebrity through social media, you know how frustrating it can be when the only response you seem to receive is deafening silence. You might even watch as your question or complaint goes ignored while someone else’s praise gets Liked or Retweeted. What’s the use of writing on Old Spice’s wall if they don’t seem interested in what you have to say? Will you still be a big Ashton Kutcher fan if he never responds to your tweets?