Dragon*Con 2010 Day 4

Sunday! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Our heroes recap Saturday and look forward to their plans for Sunday as they wait in line for the last Firefly panel of the Con.

Shout out to our buddy Louis who was with us at the Con but didn't make an appearance on the podcast!

Dragon*Con Day 4

Dragon*Con 2010 Day 2

Our heroes are joined by Chris for the drive from North Carolina to Atlanta and arrive at the convention triumphantly! Surrounded by trumpets and cheerleaders! Or at least, that's how they'd like to remember it. Oh, and Morena Baccarin was there too. That part's true.

Dragon*Con Day 2

Dragon*Con 2010: Day 1

Here's our audio blog from Dragon*Con Day 1. I landed in North Carolina and met up with Andrea, Faith, and Jesse on Thursday night. We had a great time hanging out and preparing to leave for Atlanta the next morning!

Dragon*Con Day 1

Just So Much Podcasting

I've been podcasting like a fool lately. I really love the medium and I'm always looking for a chance to speak my mind on a range of topics, so it really shouldn't be all that surprising, yet when I look at the hours I spend recording and editing podcasts, it is more than a little insane.

First and foremost, I'd like to announce the start of a new podcast hosted by friends William, Hunter, and myself: Lights, Camera, Podcast. As the title suggests, LCP is a movie podcast. Each week we have a great time making fun of each other while occasionally going into some movie talk, too. While that's a bit of an exaggeration, we do discuss the biggest new releases we all had the chance to see, as well as any other films -- both new and old -- that we managed to catch at our leisure. It's a ton of fun to record and we hope you'll enjoy listening to it. Our first episode covering Star Trek is already available on iTunes, and a second episode about Terminator Salvation and a number of other films should be up soon.

Then of course there is my most consistent show Echo Alert. Though Dollhouse is off the air for the summer, Andrew and I are very excited about the confirmed Season 2 pickup and will continue the show on a bi-weekly basis through the summer until the show returns. We've got some fun stuff lined up including a couple of soon-to-be-announced contests, guest co-hosts, and some other possible goodies, so stay tuned!

I should also mention some guest spots I've been doing lately. Both happen to be related to the world of comic books. At the end of each month, I host a segment of the Geekland Podcast entitled This Month in Superman. It's my chance to spend a few minutes gushing on events occurring in the Superman family of comics. My most recent segment appears in episode 85. In addition to that, just last night I was asked by my friend William (also of LCP) to step in and co-host this week's episode of Between the Panels, his own comics podcast. It was unexpected and last-minute, but I was really glad I did it, because I had a ton of fun talking comics with him. That episode (number 12) should be out within the next week.

Finally, there is the project nearest and dearest to my heart, FMF. It was my very first podcasting foray, and I'm proud to continue DJ-ing to this day. It's always a blast when I get a chance to sit down and record an episode, even though I don't always get a chance to do that as often as I'd like to. I look forward to keeping the show up for the foreseeable future going forward.

So as you can see, I've been very busy lately. At least that new equipment I recently purchased is being put to good use. Now I just need to strike it rich and get my own place with a dedicated podcasting studio. What?

What Blog?

I can't tell you how insanely busy I've been the last couple of weeks. It really bothers me that I haven't been posting here very much, but I seriously haven't had the chance. Between school and Echo Alert, my plate is full. I've been trying for the past month to find the time to record an FMF episode, but every single time I've tried to set aside the time, something gets in the way. It's been kind of a mess. I'm going to try again this weekend and it had better work out this time because it's been well over a month since the last episode.

Echo Alert has been off to a great start. Andrew and I never expected it to take off so well. We've been featured on iTunes' TV & Film Podcast front page under the "New & Notable" section almost since the beginning, and we've ranked as high as #22 out of all TV & Film Audio Podcasts! It's pretty insane. People are downloading our episodes by the thousands. I'm overwhelmed whenever I look at our stats page. So if you're among our listeners, thank you so much for your continuing support. Knowing people out there are listening really motivates us to improve the show for you guys.

That's about it, I guess. I'm going to try and post here more often, but midterms are next week so I can't make any promises. I try to avoid general Life posts and keep the blog restricted to stories of specific interest to me, but since I know that several people actually do read this, I thought I should let you know what's up. Thanks for bearing with me.

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