Dragon*Con 2010 Day 4

Sunday! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Our heroes recap Saturday and look forward to their plans for Sunday as they wait in line for the last Firefly panel of the Con.

Shout out to our buddy Louis who was with us at the Con but didn't make an appearance on the podcast!

Dragon*Con Day 4

Dragon*Con 2010 Day 2

Our heroes are joined by Chris for the drive from North Carolina to Atlanta and arrive at the convention triumphantly! Surrounded by trumpets and cheerleaders! Or at least, that's how they'd like to remember it. Oh, and Morena Baccarin was there too. That part's true.

Dragon*Con Day 2

Dragon*Con 2010: Day 1

Here's our audio blog from Dragon*Con Day 1. I landed in North Carolina and met up with Andrea, Faith, and Jesse on Thursday night. We had a great time hanging out and preparing to leave for Atlanta the next morning!

Dragon*Con Day 1