🔗 Hulu Is Developing a Cable-Style Online TV Service | WSJ

If this is essentially SlingTV without all the downsides, it could be very compelling. More than anything, though, I would love to see one of these services allow users to authenticate online and access each network's individual web video and set-top box video offerings. If I could log into FX and HBO and HGTV to access their apps through my Hulu account the way many people do with their Xfinity accounts, for example, I'd be perfectly content.

Hulu hasn’t set a price for its planned service but Sanford C. Bernstein media analyst Todd Juenger estimated that it would likely cost around $40 a month. An executive close to Hulu said that figure was in the ballpark.

The service will likely also offer a cloud-based digital video recorder and a way for viewers to watch past episodes of shows on-demand, as they can do on many cable and satellite TV services. Hulu is planning on having targeted advertising in its service, according to the people familiar.

Hulu Is Developing a Cable-Style Online TV Service | Wall Street Journal