GE Integrates Alexa Into A Futuristic Desk Lamp

The first third-party integration of Alexa comes from GE, and it looks pretty cool. If I didn't just get an Echo Dot a week ago, I'd be clamoring for a release date here. It makes a lot of sense for GE to get into this space, especially when you consider their involvement in the household appliance space. It would be a great experience to have your oven, your fridge, and your washer/dryer connected to Alexa.

VIDEO: Apple Watch Ejecting Water in Slow-Mo

My Apple Watch Series 2 arrived two days ago and I haven't had the nerve to test this feature yet. Luckily, Nathan Smart quite literally took the plunge in my place. It's less interesting than Apple made it sound, but cool to see that it actually works! Meanwhile, I'll be keeping my watch safe and dry for now.