Nitpicking the iPhone X Announcement

Yes, the iPhone X looks awesome. Yes, I want one. But anyone can talk about the good stuff. How about some of the annoying, nitpicky details?

  • Poor Craig Federighi. Was his face too handsome for Face ID?

  • A cellular Apple Watch won't be useful to me until it's as easy to play podcasts on the watch as it is on the iPhone. Until I can easily get podcasts on my Apple Watch and AirPods, I can't leave my iPhone very far behind anyway. I'll be sticking with my Series 2 for now. Plus, as a Type 1 diabetic,  I'm hopeful that the rumored glucose monitoring features will come to Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018.

  • I was crossing my fingers and wishing (foolishly, I'll admit) that they'd reveal that the existing AirPods charging case has secretly had wireless charging capability all along. I know, I know -- I ought to know better.

  • On iPhone X, Control Center is now accessed by dragging down from the top right corner of the screen. But, Reachability doesn't exist on iPhone X. So I'll be regularly swiping down from the top, but I'm not sure I can always reach that corner. Something I'll need hands-on experience to fully wrap my head around.

Frank Emanuele

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