Sega Jumps Back Into the Console Game

First, Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition. Now, Sega is announcing the Mega Drive Classic Game Console, a re-release of the classic console better known to North American gamers as the Sega Genesis. It's similar to the classic NES in many respects with a couple of key differences: it comes with two controllers (compared to the NES's one), it comes pre-loaded with 80 classic games (the NES only comes with 30), and it has a working cartridge slot. That's right. Dust off your old Genesis games and you can play them again. This all coincides with the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, whose games are pretty well-represented in the bundle that come built-into the console. 

This gradual return of classic game consoles is beginning to feel like the resurgence of vinyl records! Really exciting for people who grew up with these games and want a legal way to play them on a big screen. 

Frank Emanuele

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