🔗 The iPhone 7 Had Better Be Spectacular | The Verge

Walt Mossberg outlines the 7 things he’d like to see in the next iPhone, and his list looks a lot like mine. Especially better battery life, durability, and fast charging. I’d love it if I didn’t need a phone case, either for protection or added battery life. Just add wireless charging to this list and you’d have a near-perfect device.

First of all — and this is very tough scientifically — Apple could make a big leap in battery life. The company has long done a decent job for people who are moderate users, or who, like me, have great cell tower proximity, which keeps the phone from battery-draining tower searches. But I know too many iPhone users who are forced to recharge their phones multiple times a day or carry around bulky extra-battery cases or portable chargers. Apple even brought out such a case itself recently. Fixing battery life would be a huge win.

Mossberg: the iPhone 7 had better be spectacular | The Verge

Frank Emanuele

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