🔗 Some Users Can Now Easily Switch Between Instagram Accounts on iOS | Latergramme

We learned in November that Instagram was testing multiple account switching on Android. This week, reports have surfaced that the same feature being tested on iOS as well. I'm really eager to test it out and switch easily between my @FrankRamblings and @BostonPolaroid accounts, but I don't seem to have it yet. Latergramme posted a quick and easy way to check if you're one of the chosen few. If you're reading this and you've been able to test it out, comment below!

To see if you have access to this feature, navigate to your Instagram profile page and click on “Settings.” Near the bottom, you will have the option to “Add Account.”

After adding an account, you’ll easily be able to switch between multiple Instagram accounts, accessing separate photo feeds, comments, and messages without logging out of the Instagram iOS app. When you receive likes or comments, your push notifications notify you of which account you’re receiving them on.

Instagram Rolls Out Multiple Account Switching for Some iOS Users | Latergramme

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