๐Ÿ”— Google May Soon Let You Log In Without a Password | The Verge

The rumors are apparently true. Google is testing a method that lets users log in without using a password. A user on Reddit who is part of the beta posted screenshots outlining the way it works.

Once a user authorizes their mobile device, theyโ€™re able to input their account credentials on any computer and receive a notification on their smartphone. The device must have some type of screen lock security feature, as unlocking your phone is a prerequisite to approving or denying access to the account with this method. Youโ€™re still given the option to log in with your regular password if you so choose. Googleโ€™s email to participating users explains how you can deactivate a lost device, as well as add a new one in the event you upgrade your handset.

Google is testing a way for users to log in without a password | The Verge

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