🔗 On Gawker’s Problem With Women | Medium

It's always sad (and unfortunately not surprising) to read about injustice in the workplace, and it's that much more disappointing when those injustices are carried out by organizations that pride themselves on uncovering wrongdoing and championing the rights of the mistreated. In this case, I can't say it's the first criticism I've read about the inner workings at Gawker. This is a longer read but well worth the time, as it addresses some real problems that are not unique to Gawker. Any man who works in an office environment should take a moment to read this and evaluate how he treats his female colleagues. 

Gawker may pride itself on being a trailblazer in the stubbornly slow-to-adapt media, but only if starts to treat gender favoritism as the toxic epidemic that it is, will that reputation truly be deserved.
— Dayna Evans

Frank Emanuele

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