Let Me Try Again...

I think it was around 2007 that I began blogging under the name Frank Ramblings. At times I've been really consistent, and at other times I've lost my groove. I've moved the site from Blogger to Tumblr to Wordpress to Squarespace. I've been in a less-bloggy state of mind for a couple of years now, but always with the intention to dive back in at some point. The idea of a personal, owned piece of web real estate is important to me, and I like the freedom to take my content with me from platform to platform without the fear of losing it all because a particular social network didn't close another series of funding.

Plus, with the recent trend of more and more independent bloggers using their sites as hubs for sharing a mix of content include long- and short-form writing, podcasts, and links, I think the time is finally right for me to give this another honest try. I tip my hat to the writers who have inspired this new initiative, specifically Jason Snell, Andy Ihnatko, Federico Viticci and Stephen Hackett. I hope to create something here in the same vein.

Frank Emanuele

I’m a proud Catholic, social media nerd, podcaster, musician, blogger, New Yorker & Community Manager at Likeable Media. I’m all about Superman, Star Wars & the Beatles! I love to express myself in the written word. There’s nothing quite like reading your ideas on a page (or screen, as the case may be) and knowing that others are reading those ideas and thinking about them. Please read, comment, and most importantly, enjoy! The content and opinions represented in this blog represent my personal views and not the views of my employer. For more info, visit http://cmp.ly/6/MBTIH0.