Facebook Mobile Ads For Dummies

Since the launch of Facebook’s mobile advertising offering nearly a year ago, the platform has seen new features and iterations just about every single week. What’s more, mobile ads are enjoying tremendous success; Facebook’s recent Q1 earnings call revealed that ad revenues doubled quarter over quarter. And yet, with such an incredibly powerful tool at their disposal, it seems that many marketers aren’t using it to their advantage.  With over 600 million Facebook members using the mobile app each month, there would appear to be a huge missed opportunity in not advertising on mobile. In reality, optimizing your Facebook ads for mobile is actually pretty simple once you set aside the resources to make it happen. Below are some simple ways to implement mobile ads.


Optimizing News Feed Content for Mobile

One of the top ways to tell your brand’s story is through the content you publish to your Facebook Timeline and users see in their News Feeds. Take advantage of the way the News Feed dominates the screen real estate on mobile by creating visually striking content that catches the eye–and the imagination. Limit the text, use colors that contrast with Facebook’s white and blue, and be sure your content is unique overall so it stands out among the competition. Consider running Promoted Posts and using the Facebook Power Editor to target mobile users specifically.

Mobile App Install Ads

Marketing a mobile app of your own? Wouldn’t it be really helpful if you could use the News Feed in the Facebook mobile app to send consumers directly to their App Store of choice to purchase your app? You can! Mobile Install Ads are designed to give targeted users a one-click solution for finding and installing your app right from their News Feed. A large image, some strong copy, and a big “Install Now” button make this a very useful ad unit for both Android and iOS developers. If you’re a Facebook Mobile user, you may have seen this one used aggressively by mobile game developers.

If you’re building a social marketing and advertising strategy, consider Facebook’s mobile ad units and the impact they can have on your business. Optimizing your existing ads and content for a mobile environment can jump-start engagement, drive impressions for your Facebook Page or website, and encourage installs for your mobile app. Go mobile or go home

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