Facebook Comments Go Wild!

Originally posted at The Likeable Daily.

Facebook is just rocking the boat in all sorts of ways these past few weeks, isn’t it? Several weeks ago, the social network introduced replies to comments. Finally! Didn’t we all want that about three years ago? Fast-forward to last week. Facebook’s Twitter envy reared its head once again as it introduced hashtags! Sure, you could argue it’s just integrating an existing feature from the not-so-newly acquired Instagram, but we all know that at heart, Facebook is still trying to cash in on some of the things that make Twitter so popular. That brings us to this week, when two new features began to roll out, and community managers everywhere rejoiced! Let’s take a look and see what they are:


Comment Sorting


At long last, Page admins can sort comments based on two different criteria: Recent Activity (chronologically) or Top Comments (popularity based on Likes and Replies).  I know several community managers who were very frustrated at having to sift through comments to make sure they had properly addressed each one. Especially in this day and age when  social media marketing and customer service are sometimes indistinguishable, it’s important to have the ability to organize and keep track of your interactions with consumers. After what turned out to be a brief departure from that, Facebook has heard the voices of its users and is once again offering this much-missed feature as an option.


Images in Comments


Another feature we all wanted years ago! If I had one Facebook Credit for every time I heard someone express a desire for photo comments, I’d have a ton of lives in Candy Crush. I can already hear the relief from my community manager friends as they crack their knuckles and prepare to wow their communities not only with helpful and humorous text responses, but also with witty images.  The only thing missing now is support for animated GIFs!

Frank Emanuele

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