Why Facebook for iPad is Good For Your Page

Originally posted at the Likeable Media Blog.

It’s finally here! After more than a year, Facebook’s iPad app is here! Sporting a sleek, simple look, the app finally offers iPad owners a chance to experience Facebook in a way that takes full advantage of the devices capabilities. Sure, Facebook.com works just fine on an iPad, but the app now makes use of the touchscreen and screen real estate in a way that the desktop website never could. What are the best features this long-awaited app has to offer? What does this app mean for your brand’s fan page? Let’s take a look together!


It Works Just Like Facebook!

No frills, no overcomplicated user interface, this thing looks and works like Facebook. What does that mean, exactly? It means users will be spending more time looking at Facebook on their iPad than they did previously. Third-party Facebook apps have consistently topped the App Store charts practically since day one, but none of them have provided a really pleasurable user experience. They’ve all felt like knockoffs – this app feels like the real deal because it is. With a more legit interface, users will naturally be more inclined to stay within the app for longer periods of time. And with users spending more time in the app, that’s more time for them to check out your page!


The Sidebar

If you’re a fan of Twitter for iPad, this will look familiar. This handy little sidebar is the key to navigating the app. It gives you access to your Profile, News Feed, Messages, Places, Events, Friends, Pages you admin, Groups, and even Apps and Account settings. It’s a quick and easy way to get around Facebook with just a tap or a swipe of a finger. And just as you’d expect, each tab has an indicator telling you how many unread items are waiting for you. Again, a better user experience means your fans will be more likely to stick around, look at their News Feed for longer, and see more of your page’s posts. Everyone wins!


What do you think of the new Facebook for iPad app? Will it change the way you use Facebook? Sound off in the comments below!

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