The Road to Dragon*Con 2010

Well, I can't believe it, but it's finally here. Tomorrow night (well, technically tonight), I board a plane to North Carolina. I'm meeting up with friends and driving down to Atlanta for Dragon*Con! I bought my pass way back in November, and already it's time to head South and enjoy a weekend of fun and geekiness!

Dragon*Con is one of the biggest sci-fi/fantasy/pop culture conventions on the East Coast, featuring novelists, comic book creators, TV and film actors in panel discussions, signing autographs, and just hanging out with their fans. I've already been to New York Comic Con and Big Apple Con, but from what I hear, this is supposed to be a very different experience. I can't wait!

I'm looking forward to getting to know my friends Faith and Ky a little better, as well as meeting my friends Chris and Louis in real life for the first time. It's going to be great to hang out with these people who I know from Twitter.

But of course, it wouldn't be Dragon*Con without some good geekery! I've loaded up on comics to read while I'm in line for panels and autographs (10 trades and about 30 single issues on my iPod Touch), and I've got a mental list of people I need to meet before the weekend is out: Summer Glau, Kevin J. Anderson, Timothy Zahn, Veronica Belmont, Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood, Jeff Lewis, Sandeep Parikh, and a few others. Also, I'm excited about getting to sit in on some panels and enjoy some great parties. If all goes well, it should be a great weekend.

If things go right, I'll be checking in here each night during the convention and throwing up a quick post filled with the latest from that day. Can't wait!

Frank Emanuele

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