Confessions of an Uninspired Blogger

I'm sure readers of this blog have noticed that I haven't been posting as frequently as I'd like to recently. That's partly because I've taken on lots of hobbies (possibly too many for my own good), but it's also because whenever I do think about writing, a suitable subject doesn't come to min as readily as it once did.

When I first started this project, I had a few staple features to fall back on whenever I couldn't think of something original. There was the "Podcastin' " series, which I never officially ended and might start up again some time. Then during the 2008 Presidential Election, I wrote opinion pieces and posted news stories here.

So maybe what I really need to do is resurrect the Podcastin' series, come up with some new regular features, and then plug in the gaps with whatever pops into my mind. Part of the writer's block I've been experiencing comes from a feeling of pressure. I'm committed to keeping this blog afloat, and sometimes my desire to keep it going makes it hard to decide what to write about because I want it to be of some quality. So I'm rededicating myself to this blog and updating it at least once a week. I look forward to writing more often!

Frank Emanuele

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