Music's Power of Emotion

It's really fascinating to me how a series of tones in just the right sequence can really speak to a person and affect his or her mood. I had a pretty rotten day yesterday. I got home from school, plopped down on the couch, and pulled up the Amadeus film soundtrack in iTunes. I needed to unwind and so I turned to my favorite composer, Mozart, for comfort. From the opening strains of his Symphony No. 25 in G Minor (K. 183 for those of you who are curious), I really began to feel the day's tension begin to dissipate. That particular piece has always had a powerful calming effect on me. There is a sad beauty in Mozart's works that really speaks to me. I've heard the argument that his compositions are too mechanical and methodical in nature. I couldn't disagree more. I submit his Requiem (K. 626) as an example. Especially the Introitus and the Confutatis. Just gorgeous, gripping music.

I discovered about 10 years ago that somehow, sad music makes me happy. Maybe I just appreciate the work of a good composer. Maybe just the realization that music is eliciting an emotion in me - even if that emotion is sadness - amazes me so much that I can't help but smile. Whatever it is, it's real. And it doesn't just apply to Mozart. Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor has the same calming effect on me. It's just amazing that music can be so powerful. I'll never get over the feeling of wonder that comes with a Mozart symphony.

Frank Emanuele

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