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I can't tell you how insanely busy I've been the last couple of weeks. It really bothers me that I haven't been posting here very much, but I seriously haven't had the chance. Between school and Echo Alert, my plate is full. I've been trying for the past month to find the time to record an FMF episode, but every single time I've tried to set aside the time, something gets in the way. It's been kind of a mess. I'm going to try again this weekend and it had better work out this time because it's been well over a month since the last episode.

Echo Alert has been off to a great start. Andrew and I never expected it to take off so well. We've been featured on iTunes' TV & Film Podcast front page under the "New & Notable" section almost since the beginning, and we've ranked as high as #22 out of all TV & Film Audio Podcasts! It's pretty insane. People are downloading our episodes by the thousands. I'm overwhelmed whenever I look at our stats page. So if you're among our listeners, thank you so much for your continuing support. Knowing people out there are listening really motivates us to improve the show for you guys.

That's about it, I guess. I'm going to try and post here more often, but midterms are next week so I can't make any promises. I try to avoid general Life posts and keep the blog restricted to stories of specific interest to me, but since I know that several people actually do read this, I thought I should let you know what's up. Thanks for bearing with me.

Just because I feel like it, current favorites:
Currently working on:
  • Watching Buffy Season 2
  • Reading Superman: Escape from Bizarro World


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