Feeling Mildly Important

It's really cool when you get recognized by someone you respect. Lately I've taken to contacting the people at my favorite podcasts to weigh in when they ask for feedback. It started over the summer when the 10th Wonder Podcast read an email used some photos I sent them (Episode 58 "Two Things"). A couple of weeks ago, they also played a voicemail I left them (Episode 66 "Eris Quod Sum"). Around the same time as the voicemail, I emailed the Axed Podcast, and while they didn't read it on the show, they were courteous enough to reply to my email and even check out this blog. In fact, they mentioned my email in passing during their most recent episode, which came out today.

The main reason for this post, though, is that in today's episode of my very favorite podcast, Starkville House of El (Episode 109 "Abyss/Bride"), they read an email I sent them late last week (just a few minutes before they recorded the show, actually). It's pretty cool when stuff like that happens.


Frank Emanuele

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