Franken, Sit Down and Shut Up

Apparently Democrat politicians with the first name Al have no concept of when to give up. We all remember the 2000 Presidential election between former Vice President Al Gore and then-Governor George W. Bush and the month-and-a-half-long recount that followed it. Gore simply would not concede defeat, recount after recount, to the point where the only way to salvage his reputation was to become a spokesman for global warming and gain public approval through rock star status. Well, former SNL comedian and liberal radio talk show host Al Franken has thrown his hat into the political ring by running for US Senate in Minnesota. The problem is he lost. True, it was a very small margin - literally a couple hundred votes - but he lost. But SHHH! Don't tell him!

It is required by law that when an election is that close, there must be a recount to verify the results. The recount has only recently begun, as it took weeks for the first count to be finalized. As the first count wound down, the gap suspiciously began to close up in Franken's favor. This sounds normal when taken at face value, but it is interesting when you consider that no new votes for Republican incumbent Norm Coleman were found towards the end of the initial count. In other words, as the counting process reached its end, all the votes were for Franken and none were for Coleman. That's extremely suspicious. One would think that there would be votes in both directions, but no, they were only for Franken. There are many Democrats in the state government who have expressed their desire to see Franken win, and it is believed by some that they are "helping" him now.

When a vote is too ambiguous to interpret, a candidate can request that it be reconsidered. Here is one vote that Franken has deemed to ambiguous to be counted:
Yeah. Real ambiguous. No foul play there! The claim is that there appears to be an X through the vote. Does Franken really think the people who would vote for him are stupid enough to accidentally vote for his opponent, cross it out, and then drop it in the ballot box? Does he give his voters that little credit? I'm not arguing with him, if he is saying that. If anyone really thought voting for a bigot like Al Franken was a good idea, I would question their soundness of mind too.

The point here is that Franken is clearly intent on stealing this election. That ballot was undoubtedly a counscious vote for Norm Coleman. No one can deny that. Even calling it into question is ridiculous and dishonest. Franken needs to face the facts. He came close, but he didn't make it. Let the recount continue as per the law, and then GO AWAY.


Frank Emanuele

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