Superman Leaving Action Comics?!

I am angry right now. I've just read an LA Times article at stating that Superman will no longer be the star of Action Comics:
Dan DiDio participated in an interview over at the LA Times website, where he dropped this bombshell in regards to the future of Superman comics... especially "Action Comics"...

    DD: [W]e're going to be making changes in Superman's world as well. Superman has been the star of "Action Comics" for its entire run, essentially, and he will be leaving it and handing it over to new characters. The only time he hasn't appeared in the book, I believe, was after "The Death of Superman," in those years. So this is a lot of fun for us. I think that's going to get people excited and scratching their heads and wondering what's going on. In his own book, "Superman," there will be a dramatic turn as the hero leaves Earth and it seems like he's leaving for good. We'll follow his adventures in space more so than his adventures on Earth, and that's a big and exciting thing. We're also bringing back one of the old-time favorite titles of DC Comics, "Adventure Comics." It will be back with a new No. 1 and with new stars but old stars at the same time. It'll be pretty easy to guess who will be the stars of "Adventure Comics" if you know who the title was most identified with...

    GB: Well, which era? Sandman, the Spectre, Dial H for Hero, Superboy...

    DD: [Laughing] And who did Superboy appear with?

    GB: Ah. The Legion of Super-Heroes.

    DD: So this is a lot of fun for us. "Action," "Adventure," and "Superman," these are some of our premiere titles, some of the titles with the longest history. To affect a real level of change on these titles is exciting for us. It makes our oldest and most enduring titles fresh again.

Read the complete interview at the LA Times website.
I'm pretty upset about this. First of all, Superman is my absolutely undisputed favorite superhero ever. He made his debut in Action Comics #1 in June 1938, 70 years ago this year. Separating Superman from Action Comics is just unthinkable. Especially with Geoff Johns writing it and making it my favorite comic book at the moment. It's the book I look forward to the most every month. I really don't want to see second-string characters taking over a first-string book and ruining it. The main reason I got into comics was because of Superman. From there, I've branched off into most of the rest of the DCU, but Superman remains the driving force behind my comic fandom. If they do this, I will be severely disappointed. My only hope is that this happens, if at all, after Geoff Johns' run on Action Comics ends in 2010. Then the Superman arc will at least have a definite ending and it won't hurt quite as much.

Then there's the matter of where they'll be going with Superman Comics once Action gets invaded by the second tier of the DCU. Superman in space? Really? I mean, you can do that when it's for a couple of episodes of a TV series, or even for the lenght of a movie, but to have it be a big part of an ongoing series? As long as it's just your typical 4-7 issue arc for trading, I'm fine with it. But somehow I don't get that vibe from the way DiDio phrased it. Superman works best protecting Earth (specifically Metropolis) and interacting with his supporting cast: Lois, Jimmy, Perry, Kara, even Steve Lombard, Ron Toupe, and Cat Grant. As long as it's a relatively short arc with a definite plan laid out, I might enjoy it. But if they plan for this to be the state of Superman for the foreseeable future, I will be pissed. 

So many things to consider. I'm sure they'll reveal more in the coming months. Hopefully by the time I'm at New York Comic Con this February, there will be more details readily available. If not, I just may get in line at one of the DC panels and pose the question to the parties involved. For now, I'm going to continue enjoying the New Krypton story, because it is mind-blowingly amazing. I should really start reviewing comics on here. It'd be fun, plus it'd help me realize what I really think about them. When I sit down to try and express my feelings about something in writing, it becomes much clearer to me and I gain better insights into my own thoughts. Is that weird? I don't really care. 

And now, a random awesome YouTube video brought to my attention by my friend Alex:


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