So Much To Watch!

I have so much stuff to watch these days. Tons of movies and complete TV series are on my external hard drive waiting for me to come along and click on them. It's just a matter of finding the time to do so. Off the top of my head, I've got Get Smart, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (movie), the Back to the Future trilogy, The Fugitive, The Dark Knight, Wall-E, Iron Man, 1408. And that's just movies. Now granted, I've seen some of those already, but I have been meaning to watch them again. If you wanna look at TV, there's Bill Nye the Science Guy, Legion of Superheroes and Superboy. That's a lot. Bill Nye alone is 100 episodes. It's amazing that I'm ever bored with this huge backlog of viewing material. Oh well. I'll get around to all of it eventually. Of course by the time I watch all of that, I'll have tons more to see. There are just so many movies and shows out there that I really want to see. It's tough to balance that with going to school and work and having a life. Any suggestions as to what I should add to my To Watch list? What are you watching these days?

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Frank Emanuele

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