Podcastin' Part 4: Axed

Have you ever watched a TV show that got canceled before its time? What about a show that never should have aired in the first place, yet somehow remained in production for a season or two? Last month, TV fans Will (formerly of SHoE) and Aaron decided that shows like this deserved their own podcast, so they began the Axed Podcast. Every Monday, Axed issues a new episode discussing and often ridiculing the best and worst of canceled television. They use two different formats on alternate weeks. The first format is their main one. Aaron and Will, after having watched a canceled series in its entirety over the course of a couple of weeks, summarize the series and offer their commentary, satire, sarcasm, and general ridicule of that series for anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. Each of these episodes is split into a spoiler-free first half in which they comment on the series in general, and a Spoilers section where they pick apart specific episodes in detail.

The second format is what the hosts have dubbed "News from the Chopping Block." These episodes are released during weeks when the guys are still watching episodes of the show they plan to review next. "News from the Chopping Block" is usually 30 to 60 minutes in length and covers the latest news on current shows, both recently-canceled and soon-to-be-canceled. They also share the list of shows they hope will be canceled soon.

No matter which format I happen to be listening to, can't help but laugh at everything their guys say. They're a riot. I already knew of Will via SHoE and I knew he was a funny guy, so when I heard he and a friend were starting a new show, I went to their website. It turned out their first episode had just come out that week. I downloaded it and loved it. These guys are great. Most of the time, they review shows I've never even heard of, but hearing these two talk about it still cracks me up. I've found myself suppressing laughter while listening to Axed on NYC buses. They're literally laugh-out-loud funny. Will makes random references like a master, and Aaron mocks him for it constantly. So far, their victims have been the series Profit (starring Adrian Pasdar of Heroes fame), Daybreak (starring Taye Diggs of Rent fame), The Adventures of Briscoe County, Jr. (starring Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead and general awesomeness fame), and Eerie, Indiana (starring no one of any fame whatsoever). Every review has been hilarious. I'm considering watching all of these series to see if they really are as amusingly horrible as the guys say they are. Axed is the first podcast I've listened to from the time of its premiere episode, and I am in for the long haul. Anyone can enjoy the show. You don't need to be a fan of any show or genre in particular, nor do you need to watch the shows they review. Axed gets 5 out of a possible 5....ummm....axes. I donno. I got nothin'. But they do get the Frank Ramblings Seal of Approval, so that's something. Except not really.

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