Podcastin' Part 2: Geek Out Loud

Originally, as I said in my last post, my intention was to review two podcasts again this time around, but due to the length of the reviews, I've decided to split them up into two posts, the second of which will be available here either later today or at some point tomorrow.

"Shameless self-promoter." That's what I've been called in the past because of the way I like to publicize my podcast (which you can check out at frankpodcast.tk). Recently, I have become more brazen in my self-promotion, mostly due to the inspiration of one man: Steve Glosson. Steve, whom I've mentioned already in a previous post regarding Starkville's House of El Podcast, is also the host of the Geek Out Loud Podcast, which he will be the first to tell you is the official podcast of geekoutonline.com. Steve has produced a total of 18 stellar episodes over the course of one year, spanning a whole host of geektastic topics from comic books and their TV/film adaptations to the Muppets and beyond. Whether he's flying solo or is accompanied by a guest host, Steve manages to keep his listeners entertained with his insightful (and often hysterical) comments on anything and everytthing from the world of geekdom. One of my personal favorite episodes featured a guest appearance from Steve's buddy Derek from the aforementioned SHoE. They shared their memories and favorite moments from the various Muppet movies, specials, and TV series. Let me tell you, I have never laughed so much in the span of 90 minutes! I've also enjoyed Steve's reviews of recent comic book films such as The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and The Dark Knight. In every case, I finished listening with a fresh perspective on the film discussed. I've never even seen Hulk, but but after hearing Steve's review, I'll definitely be checking it out soon. Overall, the Geek Out Loud Podcast is an entertaining and compelling show that anyone can enjoy, geeks and normal folk alike. The show is so good and Steve himself is so charismatic that after just 4 Geek Out Loud episodes, Derek of invited him to join the SHoE crew as a permanent fixture. Now that is cool. I would love it if something like that were to come out of thise blog and my own podcast, but I don't hold out too much hope. I am content simply listening to these shows and loving every geek-packed minute. The Geek Out Loud Podcast merits 5 shameless plugs out of a possible 5, and wins the Frank Ramblings Seal of Approval.

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