Celebrations Abound

This isn't really a big deal, to most people, but I felt like putting it here anyway. I just posted my 500th message on the Kryptonsite Forums. Which I think is pretty cool. It's a great place for Smallville and Superman fans to check out. It's a (generally) friendly atmosphere where everyone loves Smallville, Superman, or both. Lots of dedicated fans (some a little too dedicated) with lots of insights into the show and the mythos in general. I'm glad that I joined, exactly a year ago today. Yup. 500 posts in exactly a year. Pretty cool. This earns me the title of "Forum Whiz". Bully for me!

Today was a pretty nice day. Went to noon Mass with the family. It was a farewell for the Sisters of Charity, who taught at the parish school for over 50 years. In the last several years there were only 3, then 2, and finally 1 of the sisters left teaching. The last one, Sister Rose, retired a year or two ago. This past summer, the seven sisters remaining in the convent split up and moved to two different communities on the island. Today was a Mass of Thanksgiving for their decades of dedicated service. It was by no means packed, but there were a lot of people. There was a reception afterward, which under normal circumstances I would have attended, but we already had plans to go to lunch/dinner with the whole family to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday (which actually fell on this past Wednesday).

We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant where we often eat on special occasions. Beautiful place, great service, excellent food. LOVE that place. You can be full and still not have tried everything. So much great food to choose from.

Then I finally came home, buckled down, and typed up a study sheet for Part 1 of my Ethics midterm tomorrow. There are only 15 terms on it. I was done studying rather quickly. Or at least quicker than I expected. I'm gonna go over it again tomorrow morning and then I should be good to go.

I guess that's all I really have to say for now. Not exactly exciting, I know. I don't plan on going to sleep too soon. At the moment I'm talking on AIM, downloading the Star Trek movies (currently working on ST IV: The Voyage Home), and listening to a podcast. I feel like there was more I wanted to say, but I can't think of anything, so I'll end this post here. If I think of something, I'll add it in a new post later.

Bye for now


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