The Awesome and the Not-So-Awesome

First, the not-so-awesome:
I have to to work in a minute, so I'll keep this short. I didn't have a great morning. Mostly for one big reason. I turned on my laptop to find that the bottom one-third of the screen was all messed up. The colors were all washed out and there were what I can only describe as rows and rows of seemingly dead pixels. I tried touching the LCD screen or lightly slapping the side and bottom of the computer, and I would get a proper display for a second, but then it would fade back to the way it was. I brought it to the Laptop Shop on campus (thank God for those guys) and the guy who helped me said that they would need to ship it out to IBM because, as he and I both agreed, it appeared that the video card needed to be replaced. So I asked him if there were any loaner laptops available, and he got me one. It's pretty old, maybe 4 or 5 years, and slow. 500mb RAM w/ Intel Centrino. Yeah. That's a bad thing, in case you didn't know. At least this time I have a replacement computer, unlike the time my battery died and my charger broke in the same week. Yeah. And that was finals week. Finals - Laptop = Hell. So I am grateful that they were able to hook me up this time. In theory, I'll be reunited with my Lappy in 7-10 business days, but you never know. I tend to think it'll be at least 2 weeks. We'll see. 

And now for the awesome:


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