So this is either my third or fourth attempt at regularly maintaining a blog. It depends how you look at it. I tried twice in high school. Once in 2004 for a couple of days, and then again in 2006 for a few weeks. Then in 2006 I started a podcast and made a blog to serve as a website for that. I still maintain it at, but I don't feel that it's appropriate to use it for my personal thoughts. A friend told me today that he was starting his own blog, and I was inspired to go back to my own blogging ways.

Originally, I meant to continue where I left off with the old blog I started in '04, but for some reason I couldn't log in to it. I read through it, though. It's amazing how much things have changed in just a couple of years. If you want to check that out, head on over to and take a walk down Memory Lane. My memories, that is.

So where do I go from here? Well, I don't really know. I'll be upfront and admit that the only reason I'm starting this up again is to keep myself entertained and to keep sort of a journal of the things that interest me, as well as the things that go on in my life. If I find an interesting news story, I'll post it here. If I had a good sandwich, I'll talk about it here. This is for me to write about whatever I feel like. I would greatly appreciate any comments you might have. So make use of the comment boxes. Even send an email to if you like. Feedback is always appreciated. Let's see how long I keep it up this time. A long time, hopefully.


Frank Emanuele

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