Oh Digg, How I Love Thee!

Lately I've been checking out Digg.com a lot. Pretty much daily. Lately it's been Obama-central, but hopefully that will slow down after next week. It's usually a great place for interesting and funny news. If you like bizarre but true stories, have a look. Here's a prime example:
See? Hilarious and true! Stuff like this pops up constantly on Digg. Then there's also interesting pop culture stuff:

That particular story makes me very happy, by the way. I loved Iron Man. And I'm not a fan of the character, nor Marvel Comics in general. I'm looking forward to this Avengers movie. I know pretty much nothing about The Avengers, and in a way I want to keep it that way so I can enjoy the version of the story they decide to give us in the film. Anyway, check out Digg. They're rather awesome. Incidentally, they have a podcast, DiggNation, which I'll be reviewing soon as the next installment of my "Podcastin'" series.


Frank Emanuele

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