Podcastin' Part 6: Speeding Bulletin and Radio K.A.L.

Each Thursday night, after Smallville has already aired, I look forward to downloading the newest episode of Speeding Bulletin. The first segment of this weekly video podcast is hosted by the Superman Homepage's webmaster Steve Younis. Speeding Bulletin provides viewers with a weekly summary of Superman news from the past 7 days. It's a must-view for any true Superman fan, as it covers news of upcoming comics, TV, movies, and fan events, such as charity events and conventions. If you want to know what's going on in the world of Superman, this is the show to watch. Once Steve has covered all the news, his friend and Superman Homepage contributor Neal Bailey gives a quick rant about some piece of Superman news that has caught his fancy. He is hilarious and his immense knowledge of all things Superman make his segment extremely entertaining. Speeding Bulletin averages 10 minutes in total between the two segments. 

Once a month, Steve and Neal team up for an audio podcast called Radio K.A.L. In this show, they pick 3 or 4 recent Superman headlines and discuss them at length, giving their personal opinions and insights on the topics at hand. Other segments include reader e-mails, a monthly contest, and the presentation of a Superman-related song, usually something by a little-known independent band. Radio K.A.L. along with Speeding Bulletin are essential for Superman fans who like to keep up with current goings-on. Both shows receive 5 out of a possible 5 celophane Superman shields and the coveted Frank Ramblings Seal of Approval.


Frank Emanuele

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