This made my day:

I just saw this on someone's laptop and it totally made my day. Awesome. If I seen it a month ago, I would have SO bought one for myself. "Keep the Change." Classic!

Well what else is new, you ask? Let me start by telling you about the awesomeness that was last night's episode of Smallville. On the surface, the story doesn't even sound all that great. At least, I didn't think so. Clark's best friend and confidant Chloe Sullivan and her fiance Jimmy Olsen (yes, that Jimmy Olsen) are kidnapped by a madman after their engagement party and strapped to electric chairs. They are given a polygraph test, and when one of them lies, the other gets a shock. The purpose of the test is to gauge their loyalty to one another. In an effort to save them, Lois and Clark pose as a couple and get themselves kidnapped as well. Sounds mediocre. Well, my friends, it was AMAZING. Especially towards the end. Lois was forced to admit her feelings for Clark, causing some major awkwardness between them. Later, back at the Daily Planet, they found themselves on an elevator together. Lois wanted to avoid the tension by trying to take the stairs, but Clark encouraged her to stay, saying that the elevator is "statistically the safest way to travel." MAJOR GEEK-OUT MOMENT. That's a classic line from the Superman movies, usually used by the Man of Steel when he saves a doomed aircraft. While I really don't like those movies, I still LOVED the brilliant usage of that line. Lois then went on to claim that she had slipped the electrode from the polygraph off her finger and lied, so she didn't really love him. It was a bad lie, and Clark seemed to almost buy it, but there was clearly still some doubt in his mind. Either way, the awkwardness receded and Lois crawled back into her protective shell of the tough, intrepid reporter. It was a great episode that hinted at things to come. The trailer for next week's episode shows that charismatic paramedic Davis Bloome will begin to undergo his slow and gradual transformation from all-around great guy to the evil Doomsday, Superman's nemesis and eventual killer. I can't WAIT!

This week's comics weren't all that great. Trinity #20 was once again awful and had pretty much nothing to do with the characters after whom it is named (Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman). Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen Special #1 was decent. It told a pretty good story of Jimmy on the trail of a hot mystery that could spell doom for Superman if it isn't solved in time. I haven't had a chance to read DC Universe Decisions #3 or Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2 yet. When I do, I'll let you know. Well I'm off to work. I have a 2:00 appointment in the Writing Center.


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